World Emoji Day : 17th of July

Why do we celebrate World Emoji Day?

World Emoji Day is celebrated to highlight the importance using emojis to communicate in our daily lives. Be it a thumbs up for a job well done or a heart to send someone your love, emojis have become an almost essential of expressing our feelings on social media or via messages

World Emoji Day is celebrated every 17th of July to acknowledge the difference emojis have bought to written or textual communications. Now, conversations are easier and more exciting than ever.

Behind your favourite emoji are hidden the core secrets of your personality. The list of your most commonly used emojis defines a lot about you and your behavioural traits.

How to celebrate Emoji Day

Celebrating Emoji day is fun and offers limitless opportunities for creativity. With the broad array of emoji’s available today you can tell entire stories in pictograph, without using a single word. Celebrate Emoji Day by using all the animated images you can with your friend or friends, tweet them on twitter, post them on Facebook, text them in your messenger, and just generally fill the world with the wonderful, amazing, silly images that are emoji!

World Emoji Day : 17th of July

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