US Midterm Elections: Democrats pin hopes on Barack Obama to turn things around

While the current occupant of the White House, Democrat Joe Biden, is discreet, Obama (2009-2017) appears everywhere on the ground and in the campaign videos of his party.

On Friday, the two leaders spoke at the same time, in two different parts of the country, in this case two key states for the Democratic campaign: Biden in Pennsylvania (northeast) and Obama in Georgia (south). And both championed the same idea in their speeches: saving American democracy by putting the brakes on Republicans, the party of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021).

But the former president, with his eloquence, stole the cameras from the man who was his vice president.

“If they win, we don’t know what could happen,” he quipped about conservatives, visibly relishing the enthusiasm of the Atlanta crowd.

“I want you to get up off your couch and go vote! Put down your phones, leave TikTok alone, go vote!” he demanded.

Obama had withdrawn from the political arena to focus on activities such as producing documentaries, publications or philanthropy, among others. Polls so far predict that the Democratic Party will retain precarious control of the Senate, but will lose control of the House of Representatives to the Republican opposition.

“There’s an inherent danger in being in the White House and in the bubble” of power, he said at the time about elections that often go against the party in power.

Biden, who is usually presented as a president close to the “middle class”, far from the microcosm of Washington, seems to be locked in this “bubble” since the beginning of the campaign. Although he regularly travels to raise money for Democrats, the unpopular 79-year-old president has not ventured to campaign in battleground states like Arizona.

“By being a little more concrete and more prosaic, I think it would go a long way toward combating the propaganda that is constantly being broadcast by Fox News,” the favorite channel of the far right, Obama said.

Source : Reuters, Washington Post

US Midterm Elections: Democrats pin hopes on Barack Obama to turn things around

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