Digital Transformation and Fintech Virtual Workshop

On the 28th of July, a virtual workshop on digital transformation and fintech was hosted by Mauritius Africa Fintech Hub (MAFH) in collaboration with Huawei Technologies Mauritius. The event saw nearly 100 registrations including leaders, change-makers and innovators in Mauritius. The virtual conference was a breakthrough moment in bringing major industry players together, creating possibilities for all the stakeholders to better understand and participate in the current fintech trends.

Recent events have upended the banking industry, accelerating the shift to mobile as the principal way of conducting financial transactions. Fintech competitors have benefited from this. In this context, Mr. Ron Raffensperger, CTO, Digital Transformation-Financial Industry at Huawei, has illuminated the audience on “Digital Transformation and Fintech”. The topics ranged from the evolution of FSI, digital payments, operations & services, mobile intelligent banking, Huawei solutions, amongst others. In a statement after the presentation, Mr. Raffensperger highlighted that in order for traditional financial services firms to compete with fintechs, they must accelerate their transition to mobile-oriented services. He said that “Mobile will not only be the primary means for people to perform all traditional financial activities, but it will become the center of people’s lifestyle and banks should evaluate moving to SuperApp types of architectures.”.

Mr. Michal Szymanski, CEO of Mauritius Africa Fintech Hub underlined that the digital transformation journey for Mauritius is a necessity, and the importance of fintech cannot be overstated. He stated that “COVID has changed not only consumer financial habits, but has also forced many changes in the way that everyday business is conducted. Fintech is not just a financial sector issue. As a convergence technology, impacting every sector and person on the planet that deals with any form of financial transaction, it’s great to see “non-traditional” fintech companies like Huawei, being innovative, supportive and playing a role in future-proofing what this environment will look like in the future.”

Digital Transformation and Fintech Virtual Workshop

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