Huawei ICT Competition : 4 teams selected presenting Mauritius in the regional final competition

After three month’s dedication and perseverance, Mauritius team achieved excellent results in Huawei ICT Competition 2022-2023 National Final. 4 Teams formed by 12 students in Innovation track, Cloud track, Network track and computing track will be representing Mauritius in the regional final in February 2023. 

In November 2022, more than 300 students from 6 universities in Mauritius namely University of Mauritius, University of Technology Mauritius, Open University of Mauritius, Middlesex University, Polytechnics Mauritius, and Africa Leadership College, took part in the preliminary round of the competition which was held online. Top 50 students have participated in the National final held on the 7th January 2023 in Huawei Mauritius office.

Winners of Network track are Joolfoo Muhammad Bin Abubakr and Gokool Ravish from University of Mauritius and Bahadoor Indeshwar Anandswaroop from Polytechnics Mauritius.

Ravish, one of the winners from University of Mauritius commended that: “The lessons learned throughout the Huawei ICT Competition were enormous. As a Telecommunications Engineering student, my knowledge of data communication, Security and WLAN were broadened by the various resources supplied by Huawei. The competition was not one of the easiest as the course sets were voluminous and very detailed hence there were a lot to cover. However, with great effort I was able to complete the course sets and pass the national exam. I would highly recommend students from the IT sector to take part in the future Huawei ICT Competitions to cultivate and better their knowledge on Digital communication and network security.”

Indeshwar, winner from Polytechnic said that: “I have always been fascinated by all the technological products that surrounded me since childhood. It started with robot toys and RC cars, then flip-phones to touch screens, followed by wireless transactions and today, as an Internet of Things student, I am amazed by the world of Network Technologies. I recently learnt about the Huawei ICT Competition from a Roadshow by the Huawei Mauritius Team, on my campus at Polytechnics Mauritius. In class, I learnt that from the small Wi-Fi antenna in a smartphone to the numerous servers and data warehouses around the world, data hops through so many devices, crossing different network layers and taking various forms under different protocols. A few exchanges with the Huawei Team drew my interest to the Network Track of the competition. The Huawei learning platform has helped me a lot so far with the competition, as well as with my studies and personal exploration of networks. I also have had the opportunity to meet students from other institutions and make new acquaintances. “

Winners of ICT Competition National final Cloud track are Justus Wamswa Chemirmir, Christian Adebambo from African Leadership College and Sevish Babooa from University of Mauritius.

“Huawei ICT Competition has provided me with a platform to venture into multiple areas of the IT industry outside my curriculum. I have engaged with a lot of content previously unknown to me and I loved the every moment I got to go through the provided readings. Part of that delight is due to the practicality of the courses: a combination of theory and Huawei technologies.” Said by Justus, a foreign student from African Leadership College.

The ICT Competition is a competitive talent exchanged developed by Huawei for university and college students globally. Its aim is to promote healthy development of the ICT talent ecosystem and support the integration of industry and education.

The 7th annual Huawei ICT skills competition was launched in September 2022 in Mauritius. The Competition has been attracting over 1500 students since 2018. Bright and creative minds from the Mauritius have been proudly representing the country by achieving excellent results since.

In 2018-2019, Mauritius Team Won the Third Prize in the Regional Final in Network track.

In 2020-2021, Mauritius Team Won the First Prize in the Global Final in Cloud track.

In 2021-2022, Mauritius team has won Second Prize in the Global Final in Cloud Track. Two teams have won the Third Prize in Network Track & Innovation Track, it is a breakthrough than previous years.

We look forward to a better achievement in the 7th edition.

Picture: Mauritian students participating National Final Exams at Huawei Mauritius Office

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Huawei ICT Competition : 4 teams selected presenting Mauritius in the regional final competition

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