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Chen Lei : Two revolutions determine the future

[6 April 6, 2022 Port-Louis] Huawei’s Sub-Saharan Africa Region President, Mr Chen Lei paid a courtesy call to the Hon Pravind Kumar Jugnath, Prime Minister. During which Chen Lei stated that the global practice proved that the next two revolutions that will determine the success of social development in the future are the Information Revolution and the Energy Revolution. 

Being in line with the development strategy of Mauritius, Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnath, welcomed Huawei’s expansion of its business in both information technology and renewable energy sectors, continuously cultivate the talents needed for digitalization, and accelerate its post-pandemic economy recovery.

President Chen Lei admire Mauritius’ visionary planning in Digital Economy, Renewable Energy and Talent Development. “In view to build a digital and green Mauritius, we may focus on 3 pillars namely connectivity, cloud and renewable energy while digital skills as the foundation of the whole.

 “Equally connecting everyone is vital in today’s social and economic development “Prime Minister said, “It is why we are investing in the network facilities to benefit everyone. We are open to the use of modern technologies, we welcome Huawei to strengthen cooperation with partners in advanced technology and benefit Mauritius as the business hub in Africa.”

“It is also very important to train our youth to be able to use the innovative tools, in both short term and long term. We encourage Huawei to provide more opportunities to Mauritius’ youth. “Added by Prime Minister.

Facing the challenge of realization of 60% Renewable Energy in Mauritius, Prime Minister showed interest in strengthening collaboration with Huawei in energy sector. 

As an international technology provider, Huawei has been established in Mauritius for 18 years, working with local partners for innovation. At the same time, Huawei is committed to the contribution of developing digital talent. In 2021, Huawei officially launched the Digitalent Cultivation program and established ICT Academy in collaboration with seven universities and institutes, continuously providing training and enablement opportunities, forging Mauritius become an ICT talent hub in Africa. Prime Minister Jugnauth highly commend Huawei’s contribution in local talent cultivation since years.  


Chen Lei : Two revolutions determine the future

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