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Spain: Catalonia region in state of emergency facing worst drought ever

While Barcelona attracted 12 million visitors last year, the country’s approach to the tourism sector begs to differ if the drought persists throughout the summer.

Residents will be prohibited from washing their cars or filling empty swimming pools from Thursday as part of a crisis-resolution plan.
More than six million Catalans would be affected in 200 towns and cities, including the capital, Barcelona.

The limits were established when reservoir levels dropped to about 16% of their capacity.

Spain is used to dry weather, and other parts of the nation, such as Andalusia in the south and Valencia’s eastern region, are also experiencing droughts.

However, Catalonia, which borders southern France, is less accustomed to such conditions, prompting officials to consider transporting water by ship to Barcelona if it runs dry. This measure was previously approved in 2008.

Climate change is not the cause of all droughts, but increased heat in the atmosphere exacerbates them.

According to the United Nations, temperatures in the Mediterranean region are rising 20% faster than the global average, and this trend is predicted to continue unless emissions are significantly reduced.

Spain: Catalonia region in state of emergency facing worst drought ever

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