Vladimir Putin : ”Future belongs to India”

“Narendra Modi a great patriot”, Putin praises PM; Said “India’s bright future…” Russian President Vladimir Putin Foreign Policy 87. Praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a patriot on e-postmortem.

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised India’s independent foreign policy and described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a great patriot. On this occasion, he clarified that India and Russia have good relations and there is no difference of opinion on any issue. He was speaking at the Valdai Club conference in Moscow.

“Prime Minister Modi is a great patriot who is able to pursue an independent foreign policy despite anything limiting or trying to be limited.”

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a great patriot. They are able to pursue an independent foreign policy despite attempts to limit or prevent certain things. I am confident that India has a bright future and will play an increasing role in world affairs.

Ukraine’s President thanks Narendra Modi for telling Putin ‘this is not a time for war’, says “honesty…”

Putin also praised India’s journey of progress. “India has come a long way from a British colony to an independent country. We have a special relationship. We have never had any difficult problems. We have supported each other and will continue to do so. I am sure the same will happen in the future, ”said Putin.

Earlier, Putin had targeted the US and its allies. He criticized them for doing very dirty, dangerous and bloody politics to gain world control.

“If NATO forces march on Russia, there will be devastation all over the world”, sternly warns Vladimir Putin; All countries alert!

India did not vote on a UN resolution opposing Russia’s annexation of four regions of Ukraine – Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia. After that, Putin seems to have appreciated India’s foreign policy. India had said that there are many other important issues, which are not being presented properly. Meanwhile, India also expressed concern over the escalating conflict with Ukraine. India raised the issue of targeting civilian infrastructure and civilian casualties.

Vladimir Putin : ”Future belongs to India”

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