India : Tata and Airbus to make C-295MW aircraft for Indian Air Force

C-295 aircraft will be made in India! Tata will make aircraft for the Indian Army. Airbus says on its website that it has received orders for 285 aircraft like the C-295. Out of this, 203 aircraft have already been delivered. Of these, 201 aircraft are operating efficiently.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly talked about Made in India. Now the Modi government at the centre has opened the door for private companies to manufacture the country’s military aircraft. This time the C-295 aircraft will be manufactured in the country. A factory has been set up in Modi-Gar Gujarat for this. This factory was built by Airbus and Tata. The cost of construction of this factory is 22 thousand crores. Note that this C-295 is a light and medium aircraft.

It is known that this aircraft can be used in any mission. For this, the demand of this aircraft is very high all over the world. This Airbus aircraft is equally effective in any weather. This aircraft is well suited for operations in extreme-hot desert or snow-covered mountain areas. The aircraft is also capable of carrying large amounts of weight at any altitude in extreme heat. Also, the fuel cost of this aircraft is at least 4 percent less than other aircraft.

But why this aircraft has become important to the military of various countries? The main reason for this is its capabilities, especially the ability to carry out operations in any situation. This aircraft can easily carry troops and weapons from the base to the operation site. There is no problem even if it is a small airport. This aircraft can fly easily even from small airports. The aircraft can also be used for any rescue operation. The C-295 aircraft is equally efficient in search and rescue operations.

India : Tata and Airbus to make C-295MW aircraft for Indian Air Force

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