THE REALISM : Will Bérenger lead his party again to the slaughter-house in 2019/2020 ?

Paul Bérenger : « Entre le MMM et le PMSD, c’est le jour et la nuit »

THE REALISM : Will Bérenger lead his party again to the slaughter-house in 2019/2020 ?

By Raj Paneken

   It all depends on the dose of realism Bérenger will evince. With a by-election in the offing along with the General Elections in two years’ time, his Party can emerge either a winner or a loser. With a lack of realism on the part of the Party’s leadership, another iceberg is lying in wait for the Party again. That is why in my last article I wrote that Bérenger has all the time to finalize his list of candidates before they will board the Titanic in 2019/2020. The realism means that we look at things without blinkers. With a good dose of realism, the Party of Bérenger can avoid another political wreck. It is high time that Bérenger comes to terms with the reality. He must stop labouring under the delusion that his Party can face the polls alone and win the elections with him in the driving seat of the country. If he keeps on thinking in this line, he is merely dreaming.

   The MMM has never won a general election alone and will never do it. This is the prevailing reality of the country. Each time Bérenger and his Party had been in the government, it was either in alliance with the MSM or the Labour Party. If he had made history by becoming prime minister of the country (2004-05), it was thanks to Sir Anerood Jugnauth who shared the primeministership of the country with him.

   Today he and his Party would have been in the government again if he had not fallen into the trap of Navin Ramgoolam to torpedo the Remake 2000 which was heading headlong towards a sweeping victory. Today he would have made history again with a second primeministership in the place of Pravind Jugnauth. But unfortunately! He let the idealism have the upper hand upon the realism to make him what he has become today, a mere parliamentarian.

    «Mais tout n’est pas perdu pour lui et son Parti» if he changes his tact. The Party can bounce back after its long stay in the political wilderness if there is a change from idealism to realism, especially his leader who has the last word. The MMM can find itself in the government again in an alliance with the MSM for the elections 2019/20. With a positive track record of the government at the end of its mandate, the MMM has every reason to hook up its wagon to the driving force of the MSM if it does not want to remain on the platform for another five long years.

   The realism means that MMM is condemned to hook up its wagon to the driving force of MSM if the Party does not want to drag its feet again in the political wilderness. Another alliance with the Labour Party of Navin Ramgoolam will incur the opprobrium of the electorate which dumped them «dan karo kan» in December, 2014. They will suffer the same fate if ever they come together again. As for the PMSD, it is simply a wagon in search of a driving force. Besides, the two parties (MMM/PMSD) have never got on well together.

   Therefore the only locomotive available for the elections 2019/20 is the MSM. Bérenger must come to terms with that reality if he wants to end up his political career with a flourish. «C’est à lui de faire le bon choix entre le corbillard et le convoi nuptial.» With an economic recovery, full employment along with an effective law and order, there is no doubt that the electorate will renew the mandate of the government. This is what the country needs, no more, no less. With a positive track record, a renewal of the government’s mandate seems quite obvious. You don’t change a winning team, but you can inject new blood into it. With the accommodation of the MMM (MSM/MMM), the government will simply be unbeatable for the elections 2019/20.

    As a prelude to this accommodation, it is in the interest of the government, if it will not enter into the by-election fray, to give a tacit support to the MMM candidate to help her win the election.

    Anyhow, let us hope that Bérenger along with his Party has learnt a lesson from their mismatch in December, 2014. Let us hope also that the government will take the MMM on board if it wants to win the General Elections 2019/20 hands down to complete the realization of all its dreams. An alliance (MMM/MSM) in 2019/20 will bulldoze all their opponents. With a new mandate with the MMM on board, the country will undergo an unprecedented transformation.

    «Maintenant reste à savoir comment les deux partis (le gouvernement du jour et le MMM) vont accorder leurs violions» if ever a common ground is found.

   Otherwise any mismatch on the part of the Party’s leadership will inevitably spell another disaster for the Party of Ton Polo.

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