Going through the press each week, especially through interviews and press conferences of the Opposition, we have the feeling that the socio-economic outlook of the country looks very bleak, that the government plane is heading headlong to a crash. Those who boarded the plane in December, 2014 have chosen the wrong flight. In other words they should not have voted this government in, and the alternative was MMM/Labour Party. God knows where we would have been today ‘si par malheur’ the electorate had cast their votes on the other side after the disastrous management of the country by Navin Ramgoolam.

The Opposition paints such a dark picture of the country as if everything is falling apart. They just see the dark side of things. They watch only the grey skies and gloss over the blue ones. On the other hand we do understand them. They are ill at ease in the political wilderness. They are itching to be in the driving seat, especially those who were in the shoes of power. They forget that the electorate have dumped them into ‘karo kan’ for their flop, incompetence and mismanagement.

 The government plane is not going to crash as the prophets of doom are praying night and day. The country is definitely on the right course for its economic recovery and full employment which will lead to the second economic miracle. Only the bootlickers and political blinkers will tell you the contrary. The country’s economy is on the march of progress. With two and a half years in office, a lot has already been done to redress the socio-economic situation of the country and to alleviate the hardships and sufferings of those who are on the bottom rung of the ladder. Today no one can say «Mil fwa Ramgoolam ki Jugnauth» except the die-hards. All our economic sectors are faring well. The rate of unemployment has dropped. The construction sector is booming. The train of economic development is gathering speed and no one has the right to put a spoke in its wheel. The government has only two and a half years to honour its electoral promises. Time is flying. The year 2019 will be the year of accountability to the electorate. If the results are positive and satisfactory «sur le plan social et économique» in term of lodging, job creation, law and order, especially drug trafficking, economic recovery, last but not least the elimination of abject poverty, the government will no doubt face the electorate with serenity and the satisfaction of having done one’s duty. Most probably the end of 2019 will not see the completion of all the government’s projects. They will certainly need extra time to end up the work started in December, 2014. But even with a two-third achievement, the government can gloat over its performance.

These are the great expectations of the voters, which the government has no right to thwart if they want an extra time to end up what they started in December, 2014; otherwise they will be voted out. On the other hand if they succeed in meeting the expectations of the electorate, do we need Xavier, Navin and Ton Polo? They will have to cool their heels again till 2024.

You don’t change a winning team!

By Raj Paneken

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