Les élections générales ne sont pas pour demain !

Les élections générales ne sont pas pour demain !

«Nous irons au bout de notre mandat de cinq ans» mais oui! «Seulement les cons qui vont rappeler le pays aux urnes avec une majorité aussi confortable au Parlement» «Une opposition ramassis et divisée» will never carry weight with an enlightened electorate. Their different ideologies will be a major hurdle to a credible and unified alliance. After all who will lead the block against the government? Actually there are five opposition parties in the National Assembly in addition to those outside. Who will be the driving force when we all know their excessive ambition to be in the driving seat? «Faire cavalier seule» could prove suicidal for the party since none stands the dog’s chance of winning the General Elections alone. As matters stand, none of the three important opposition parties in the National Assembly could claim the alternative to curry favour with the electorate.

The Labour Party with Navin Ramgoolam who stubbornly clings to the leadership of the party in spite of the crushing defeat of his party in the last elections is still on its knees. If his blind followers are ready to condone all his escapades, the electorate will not forget and forgive all his faux-pas. People are still stunned about his coffers stuffed with millions of rupees and unused dollar bank-notes while his county was going to the dogs. During his primeministership, he transgressed the bounds of decency and ventured into out-of-bounds. His life of extravaganza «premier ministre de classe,» shopping around in London in the costliest car of the world Rolls-Royce while the poor in his country «pe manze mine apolo gramatin/tanto» without a decent roof on their heads is a direct insult to the abject poverty of his people. How can the electorate vote such a man to business again?

The PMSD has never been able to stand on its own legs. It is a minority party which has always looked for a locomotive to hook its wagon. It is a party which has no stronghold in the rural areas which usually make the government. It will always remain a political wagon in search of a driving force.

Concerning the MMM, «c’est un parti affaibli qui se relève» after its thumping defeat with the Labour Party in the last elections. The party’s brain drain has been a nail in its coffin. We all know the force of that party in the rural areas with its leader positioning himself as prime minister. It is an acknowledged fact that it is the rural areas which make the polls. The MMM with Bérenger is not the pulling power with the rural electorate.

Bérenger can say whatever he likes now since the polls are not behind the door, but with the advent of the elections, he will be compelled to hook up his wagon either with the loco of Navin Ramgoolam again or with that of the MSM. Otherwise he and his party will vanish from the political landscape like snow under the sun.

Those who think like, Xavier Duval that the country will be going to the polls before the end of the year are simply dreaming. This government commands a solid majority in parliament. They have been voted in for five years to redress the socio-economic situation of the country for which they will be accountable at the end of their mandate. Today the country is definitely on the rails of progress. Only the bootlickers and the political blinkers will tell you the contrary. This is the most caring government this country has had since its independence. No government had done what this government is doing to better the lot of the population. No one can say that his life was better under the regime of Navin Ramgoolam, except the blind followers. Since its entry in office, this government has been caring for the people, especially for those who are the bottom rung of the social ladder.

Therefore, the leader of the Opposition and the other dreamers will have to cool their heels till the end of 2019 because the government commands a solid majority in the National Assembly, «et les élections général anticipées ne sont pas pour demain.» So be patient! Patience is a virtue which makes the world go round.

By Raj Paneken

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