Ahmad Macky


The political instability the country is facing nowadays is very serious and grave for both our country and its democracy. The sudden resignation of Xavier Duval and his PMSD from the government is very suspicious and alarming as there is more to it for Duval to leave the government rather than on the  mere pretext of the Prosecution Commission Bill. Has Duval got a strategic plan that he is sharing with the other Opposition parties?

I agree with Jack Bizlall when he mentioned in his article appearing in Le Mauricien (forum page dated 20 December, 2016) Le PMSD est ce chat qui vous rend visite que pendant l’heure du dejeuner et diner”.  What does this resignation meant to the ordinary man of the street, not to say the layman? The ordinary people will never know the real reason for such an abrupt decision for the PMSD to leave the government of the day. Is Xavier Duval a saviour of our democracy or simply a great opportunist? Your guess is good as mine !

  The question that comes to mind : Why would a man like Xavier Duval who has got all the princely comforts of a Deputy Prime Minister with at least 10 elected members of his PMSD suddenly leave the Jugnauth government? This is food for thought! It could be that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence for the PMSD to jump over it. Let us try to decode Duval mindset strategically. Any good political analyst will know why Xavier Duval has left the government. Something is definitely cooking in the pot of the Opposition.

There is a sort of political Modus Operandi among the Opposition parties that have been developing lately and which have been going on behind closed doors.  Secret meetings have been held across the country after sunset by politicians of high profile from all board of the Opposition parties together with their agents and activists how to destabilize Anerood Jugnauth and his government. Whether it is a political plot or conspiracy to torpedo the Jugnauth government for good, is something we still have to find out!  In the meantime we know that the Opposition means business and is very determined to execute their plans sometimes in March 2017. So beware of the ides of March Mr Prime Minister!

Today Xavier Duval is doing his upmost to upgrade his party for political motives.  Why do you think that these days the PMSD is doing most of its political activities and other public and private functions without the MSM and ML?. The question that we should ask ourselves: Is it because this government is declining and going downhill fastly and  is one of the reasons why Duval has moved in the Opposition to reposition himself as a leader?

As one PMSD spokesman said in a private meeting last week that Duval will maintain his strategy to be on the safe side to secure the position of his party. Besides, political analysts reckon that the PMSD under a leader of the like Xavier Duval won’t go far.  If today the PMSD is still alive, it is because of the legacy and the success achievement of late Sir Gaetan Duval, a true devoted leader who had done lots for this country. But Xavier Duval is unlike his father and has not got the quality of his father’s leadership.

Like I say, has Xavier Duval got another hidden agenda? Is he to be trusted to lead or manage the country? Or is he still nurturing his wishful strategy to wipe away the MSM for good like he tried in the past to unsuccessfully torpedo the MMM politically? If that is not the case, could it be that Duval’s hidden agenda is to provoke SAJ to dissolve Parliament for a snap general election  for reasons best known to him.

SAJ is an experienced politician. His political flair about the PMSD is justified when he keeps saying that there is “anguille sous roche” SAJ says that Duval has not resigned because of the Prosecution Commission Bill but has resigned for a very strong reason best known to him. So sooner or later there could be political explosion but watch out for the date which I understand could be in March 2017.  Have there been some secret meetings recently between Duval, certain elements of the Private Sectors and Navin Ramgoolam?.Are we heading to a massive resignation of all Opposition Parties from Parliament in block just to provoke a General Election. Only time will tell !


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