Shocking report on women in Saudi Arabia: are they content with their fate?

Ahmad Macky

Shocking report on women in Saudi Arabia: are they content with their fate?

Saudi Arabia is no safe haven as certain politicians, try to make it appear worldwide. This said country, as we all know, is not a democratic one. My visit at Riyaad in Saudi Arabia compels me to put pen to paper in an endeavour not only to denounce repression but to warn foreign visitors, especially women that there is no such things as equality and equity there. There is a general repressive system against its population by its rulers. There is no freedom of expression and all newspapers are being censored before going to the press. Human Rights are non-existent there. Women are constantly being exploited and persecuted there and have no rights of what so ever. I have been to many Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran. I am well placed as to say how the majority Arabs treat their women, whether they are their wives or daughters and sisters.

Women are considered like doormats. They are second grade citizens and have to abide by the rules of manhood. They are objects only for sex at the command and order of their authoritative husbands whether these women like it or not, and even if these women are ill, they will have to obey their husbands if the latter wants sex or any form of carnal desire. These women are often legally raped under the marriage law.

In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to travel alone unless accompanied by a man who is a relative to her. Women are forced to hide their faces and hair otherwise they will be persecuted by Arab law and thrown into prisons. It has occurred where some Arabs have even beaten women in public places if the latter have failed to cover their faces properly. Women are just good enough for sexual purpose If they refuse, their husbands will beat them near death.

Year in, year out the World celebrates the International Women Day. To me, this is the biggest hypocrisy ever existed as Muslim women have no rights to argue with their husbands but only to abide by the latter rules. I say that as a Muslim who rebels against such injustice. In certain Arab countries Muslim Women are denied proper education and have to stay at homes to do household jobs. These Muslim women are not allowed to mix themselves with their counterparts in society or at public as well as private functions.

Did you know that the Talibans have no consideration and sympathy for women? Women are illtreated badly in certain remote tribal villages like Pushwar and Pastoor where Talibans reside. Did you know that even now in some other remote places of the Arab world, where Talibans live in tribe, if ever the wife of a Taliban man gives birth to a baby girl, the husband of that woman will take that new born baby girl far away and abandon her. This is still done on the quiet without publicity. In the old days Talibans used to bury alive baby girls that their wives gave births.

In Saudi Arabia women have to wear ‘ bulkas’ ( a special long black garment) to hide their whole body and not to show their faces publicly otherwise, these women will be arrested by police and torture in prison without a proper trial in a Court of Law. This is how, I am afraid to say, the Arabs treat their women as second grade citizen.

A lot has been said recently about big investment coming from Saudi Arabia promoting our Smart Cities projects . We need to double check the sources the money come from, whether or not it is not gambling or dirty money from MayFair Casinos in London as frequented by wealthy Arabs. Saudi Arabia is a very dominant and dictatorial country. “If ever one lives near a prison, one hears shotgun noise every early morning at dawn and this is the daily execution of prisoners that are sentenced to death” said Asif Mustaqueer an Arab student archeologist friend of mine.

Ahmad Macky

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