Water shortage: where human dignity is downgraded worse than animals!

Water shortage: where human dignity is downgraded worse than animals!

Water shortage: where human dignity is downgraded worse than animals!

It is high time that this government takes this matter in hand before such a problem could cause massive protest of people in the streets. For months now, most regions in the East have tremendously been deprived of water. The Central Water Authority does not give a damn to the need of people of this country who rely on water for their daily domestic household use. The drastic stoppage of our water supply by the CWA is unacceptable and very repressive against the right of the individual to life. Such a stoppage of our water by the CWA is very provocative as well as an insult to the intelligence of decent citizens. How comes 5 stars hotel in the East are provided with a non-stop service of water supply 24 hours a day and 7 days a week whereas next door, ordinary citizens living nearby are deprived of water supply.

Even when our reservoirs were 100% full up to the rim, in the Eastern part of the country the CWA stopped the running of our water supply twice per day from 9,00 am to 1.00pm and 10.00 pm to 2.00 am. We have to endure such household inconvenience despite the Minister of Energy kept and still keeping telling us that we shall have water 24hours a day and 7days a week. What a mirage in a desert?

More than 20 regions in the East will be supplied once per day, that is to a maximum of 5 hours of water supply on a daily basis. The CWA keeps pulling the wool over the eyes of the people by pretending to combat a foreseen drought. According to one or two hydrologists I came across, certain figures that the CWA have recorded about the amount and quantity of water in our reservoirs is erroneous.

During the past six months, and under the new management of the CWA, the regions of Bel-Air Riviere Seche, Ernest Florent, Beau Champs, Deux Freres, Trou D’Eau Douce, among others have been deprived of water supply and this has caused great household inconvenience to inhabitants thereby. In the past such a problem of water shortage has caused clashes and fights between the police and the inhabitants of Trou D’Eau Douce protesting in the streets by blocking traffic and setting fire to old used tyres on the roads.
When will the CWA once for all tackle the problem of water shortage? This is a long overdue problem which deserves to be resolved especially as the island is approaching its 50 th Independence anniversary. We are worse than those under developed African countries where famine and malnutrition prevail.

Cuts and irregularities in the water supply are becoming more frequent across the country. From North to South en passant by the West of the country, many people are being deprived of water supply for several days, weeks not to say months.

The supply of water is an issue that provokes debates by experts, technicians, good hydrologists and NOT politicians. Several debates on private radios on water shortage issue have nonetheless made no effect on the CWA. It’s like water running over the back of a duck ! The CWA never responds to the call of the consumers’ distress. The question that comes to mind: Why water shortage keeps persisting in Mauritius day in and day out? This shows how inefficient the CWA is today ! I think it is high time that the government needs to review all the functions and systems of the new management of the CWA. No room for lame ducks !

Ahmad Macky

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